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Group workshops for

professionals entrepreneurs, creatives and anyone who feels stressed, creatively blocked and tired.

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Whether you are a seasoned professional or complete beginner this course is for you who has art in your soul!


This  2-part 12 week course will guide you through the process of discovering, or rediscovering your inner artist. We will help you overcome your limiting beliefs that are blocking your creativity. 


Throughout this course we will help you peel back the layers that have tarnished your creativity, we will look at what creative blocks are, why we have them and teach you tools to get rid of them. It is our intention within this group to provide a safe place where we support  and nurture you and each other on your journey of rediscovery.

A typical lesson will be structured as follows.

1.5 hrs, the first half an hr will be an introduction of the topic we will be covering in that session followed by a short guided meditation. This will lead into the art focused section of the lesson where we will using art as a means of mindfulness and self healing.  


What is art healing?


Not to be confused with art therapy, art healing is a relatively new concept in western society, therapists, and others in the medical profession have begun to acknowledge the therapeutic effects of art on the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of people. The act of creating art enhances self-esteem, gives a sense of control, and relieves stress and tension by taking the mind off of problems. Mostly importantly, it is a powerful outlet for emotions.


  • What creative blocks are and why we have them.

  • Our inner critique and how to quiet the negative voice within.

  • How to minimize Stress and Overwhelm

  • Strategies for calming solutions for those challenged with anxiety, lack of focus and those feeling creatively "stuck"!

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