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Creativity is the highest form of self-expression- encouraging our academic learning, self esteem and emotional health...


After School art classes

Complimenting the core curriculum for learning, The Creative Collaborative work with Schools to provide an after school art class, offering children the opportunity to express themselves and their creativity in a fun, relaxed and safe environment.


Our ART classes are artist-led weekly one-hour sessions following the School calendar, during which we will  study various art and creative techniques where children can experiment with mark-making, texture & colour- gaining a good understanding of application using a variety of materials- from acrylic paints/watercolour /collage/ chalks/ inks etc.


Our projects are usually 4 - 6wks long, we study the work of a famous artist as our inspiration for our art piece such as a painting on canvas, pastel study or sculpture At the end of the project each child will get to take their artwork home!

Research indicates that art experiences can impact positively on confidence, self-esteem, personal, social, emotional development and behavioural health. 

Key stage 1 & 2 (5 – 11 yrs) - 1 hour a week per term - Class size: 10 - 25 children
Lunch Break

Creative sessions

The Creative Collaborative supports teachers to build lessons aligned with the required curriculum for art and design. With our professional knowledge as trained and working artists we can provide innovative ideas and structure, combining varied techniques into one lesson. (Drawing, painting, textiles, sculpture, print, photography etc) 

Where time and resources are limited for the school, The Creative Collaborative becomes an invaluable partner. 

Consultation, development & delivery of the lesson with our leaders - Provision of materials 

paint easles

Exhibition/ display advice

We provide a professional artist's view on how to create visual impact when displaying your students artwork- whether this is for a permanent installation or for a singular event.


We provide art sessions to compliment your exhibition or event and can assist in creating displays on behalf of the school.

 Teacher consultation - Create display - Art/creative lessons - Excludes materials


Teacher training/ consultation

As experienced art professionals our course leaders understand the challenges teachers face daily in inspiring young people and meeting the curriculum guidelines. We recognise that every teacher and school is different. The Creative Collaborative is committed to finding solutions tailored to your students- delivering training programs unique to the needs of your school.

"art has the role in education of helping children become like themselves instead of more like everyone else."

Sydney Gurewitz Clemens

Artist in residence

We provide advocacy to parents, teachers and students with lessons created by our professional artists stretched over 2 or more weeks- covering multiple masteries and artistic disciplines we create something exciting and unique to each class/ school. (eg; mural, sculptures, art installations etc) 

The presence of an artist brings a cultural and creative vibrancy to learning- revealing a deeper understanding of a child’s needs, interests and identity through creative self expression- raising the standard of achievement and fulfillment for both teachers and students.

Interactive lessons  - Teaching - 1:1 tuition - Groups lessons - Demonstrations/ Presentations

Our leaders are practicing artists who are passionate about education and have experience of working with children in a group environment. Our educators are Insured with Enhanced DBS checks and certified in First aid 

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