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"Art is one of the most powerful and essential parts of human experience..."

Psychologists have consistently asserted that art and creative expression is a fundamental contributor to a healthy mind and body, not only in developing our self-confidence and communication skills but helping us translate our individual and unique perceptions of the world into something meaningful, for both the artist and viewer alike.


Learning to create art will improve focus and concentration and help individuals discover their hidden or dormant artistic talents in a world more and more dependent on technology and screen entertainment – at the Creative Collaborative we firmly believe that every single person is creative. Our aim is to help children recognize, develop, and nurture the creativity they already possess.

Our AHT classes are artist-led weekly one-hour sessions following the School calendar, during which we will  study various art and creative techniques where children can experiment with mark-making, texture & colour- gaining a better understanding of application using a variety of materials- from acrylic paints/watercolour /collage/ chalks/ inks etc.


We will encourage your child to experiment with different media and techniques, helping them to engage their imagination and develop new ways of expressing themselves... 


Children will work on their own ‘masterpiece’ over the length of the course, exploring ideas and feelings, with colours and textures – and enjoying their exploits in a safe, non-competitive and, most importantly a fun environment.


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